July 26, 2014

Random Musings at Dawn

July 26, 2014
(photo from my Ilocos trip which I have yet to blog about)

It's almost 4am and I can't seem to sleep... So I thought of visiting my blog and write, this is what a blog's for after all, isn't it? Anyway, I feel bothered, I don't know what's going on with me, I have requirements left and right but I don't have the same drive to do them like how I was the previous semester. My friend told me it's probably the LSS (Last Semester Syndrome) kicking in, perhaps it is, but I don't know... it feels different. I don't participate in class, study for tests (I'm still able to pass them somehow, don't worry mom!!!), and I don't exert the effort that I should, which is absolutely foolish thinking it's my last academic semester and I just couldn't find the most perfect time to be this way. I'm not usually this lazy person, I swear! I keep thinking maybe I just don't like what I'm doing or that I lack the passion to continue to do what I'm doing (i mean duh, who is passionate for school, anyway?). How does one become passionate for school again??? or maybe the right question is how was I passionate for school during the previous semesters??? I think I have quite a few reasons in mind, one is that I had a subject that I was so interested in, it's a plus that it came with it a very intimidating, but super awesome professor who made me want to go to class every meeting (perfect attendance, bish!!! my ONLY class with perfect attendance. EVER.). I was so into it that it came to a point where I'd do the requirements after class even when it was due the next week. To think I'm a crammer! And now I'm back to my question, what on earth happened to that passion?! Can't it work for all my subjects?

Seriously, I've probably watched all the recent rom-coms (I hate the oldish looking ones) and done all the possible procrastination schemes I could think of (except cleaning my room haha so maybe not all schemes, but that can wait *wink*) just so I could avoid all the requirements I have to comply with. I have to get through this phase before midterms or else I'm doomed. No really, I have all the major subjects this sem and boy do these subjects know how to be such pains in the bass! I can't screw any of these, so note to self: PAGTARONG NA, MICHELLE, PLEASE. 

whatever happened to my LastPush motto? I thought I'd go through this sem with that in mind, it's funny how things always happen the way you didn't expect it to be. LastPush saimong nawong!

I guess I should probably try to get some sleep as I'm not making sense anymore. Goodnight, folks. I feel sorry that you read all the way to this punctuation mark. and after that, and after that even when it's utter nonsense. Oh and I am not reading what I wrote again so if there are errors, pardon the bored af person who's trying to write even when she knows it's not her best talent. Seriously now, good night, and thank you John Mayer for getting me through the night.

June 26, 2014


June 26, 2014

Dubbed as one of the most illiterate tribe in the Philippines, according to the pastor who housed them, the Badjaos had to leave their homes because they were mistreated and taken advantage of. Their houses and boats were burnt, which ceased their main source of livelihood -- fishing. Now they are found scattered all over the country with the same goal of searching for a place to call home. Lucky for the group of Badjaos we got to interact with, they got help from two individuals, Pastor Albert and Sister Ellen Santiago, who gave them a chance to start over. They found ways to give the Badjaos a new source of livelihood, they gave them capital and taught them to buy materials (i.e. fancy accessories, pearls, etc.) in Divisoria, and sell it in Batangas, sometimes even reaching Tarlac. This put an end to some of the Badjaos who reduce to begging or stealing in order to survive. The missionaries also ensured that the children were properly nourished and eating the right food, from their usual kamote and fish, they now get to eat rice with viands other than fish. I used to believe the color of their hair was because of seawater, the heat, or that it was dyed, but to my surprise, it's actually due to severe malnutrition. Now that they follow the right diet, the hair of the Badjaos are slowly turning black. 

During our visit, all we ever did was interact with them (even with the language barrier) and gave them the simplest of food, but with our little gesture, we were able to make them happy. I guess that's why I want to go back to this community, because all I remember are the smiles from their faces and we didn't even do and spend so much. Hopefully soon, we get to gather funds and supplies to have something to give when we go back. :) 

June 07, 2014

Boracay Hangover

June 07, 2014
(Current fave bikini from Topshop)
(Day 1, I still had my slippers with me then. :( Good bye forever, my loyal Havaianas.)
Au naturel 
Golden hour in Boracay

I would never have had as much fun as I did if it weren't for you guys. Thanks, my trio loves :*

I miss chilling on the powdery white sands of Boracay, watching the sun set with a drink in hand, and wearing nothing but a bikini without a care in the world. Thinking about it, I think I reached my summer body goal as it was the first time I've ever worn a bikini and felt so good about myself. I wasn't conscious, not that anyone would care though, but I felt really great. I think I even saw abs at one point, but it seems I've lost them already. It's one of the reasons why up until now I'm still working out, even when there's no beach trip to look forward to anymore. Knowing me, I thought after Boracay I'd be back to my old self, eating all the unhealthy food that I could, and be a bum everyday. Hopefully this won't stop anytime soon and that I get to go back to this paradise before I gain my fats back. :) 

This trip + Ilocos set the bar soooooo high for next summer. :|

Oyyyy in fairness, 3 consecutive posts! *Pats Back*

June 06, 2014

Postcards from Boracay

June 06, 2014

My current laptop wallpaper.

I had a difficult time choosing which photos to post as I took so many postcard-worthy photos from my trip to Boracay last month. It's paradise, of course its every angle is postcard-worthy. I finally got to post the photos because I believe I have moved on from the fun and the awesomeness that was LaBoracay. My friends and I are already saving and looking for flights for next year! Hmmmm, hopefully it pushes through. :) 'til next time, Boracay! 
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