Sea World, Orlando

1:50 PM

The last theme park in our itinerary: Sea World!

This was the first thing I saw the moment we stepped inside the theme park-- MANTA!

Manta is my first flying coaster experience. I was kind of hesitant at first because of the different setup-- Instead of the usual sitting position, this one requires its riders to lie face-down, hence the flying coaster! But after trying the ride, all the hesitations were replaced by mixed emotions! It was definitely worth the 50-minute wait! Here's to more flying coaster experience to come! :)

this is Clyde:

Penguins ♥

I spent most of my bucks trying to win these penguins!

When the ball lands on the colored holes you'll get a prize:

blue hole - small penguin
red hole - medium penguin (just like the photo above)
yellow hole - big penguin

I really wanted the big one but I wasn't that lucky! Oh well, at least I had five small ones! :)

Saw this pretty sunset while riding a paddle swan! :)

Last ride of the day: Journey to Atlantis!

My cousin and I rode it first :)

Then, when the rest of my family saw that there wasn't even a slight hint of nervousness in our faces, they also wanted to try it! What they didn't know was that after the second drop inside the building, the ride transforms into a roller-coaster! They got so mad at us for not telling! My cousin and I couldn't stop laughing at their reactions! :)) *evil laugh*

Hahaha, funfunfun :)

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