Cherrie Saliga in Manila ♥

1:14 PM

My bee, Cherrie, came to Manila last January 12-16, She was here for a school-related conference. Her conference lasted for 2 & 1/2 days, the days after that she was already with me! :p I brought her to Divisoria when her conference ended! (much more fun than just sitting on a chair && listening to talks, right bee?) I made her ride the MRT+LRT, too, Which I know she enjoyed so much!! :)

Also, she was able to experience walking like there's no tomorrow here in Manila. When you're with me, you really have to walk! Because there's no way I'm paying for a cab ride if the destination is so near! Unless you pay though :p

We didn't have photos on our shopping trip to Divisoria! The only photos I had was when we went to The Fort.. :)

Pretty Bee!! ♥

I'm writing this blog post beside my awesome roomie/sissy. :)) Hi, Maimai! Look at the lower-right photo!! ♥ Yummy noh? :p hahahaha, Let's eat? :p

I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Manila, CherrieBee! :) Balik-Balik! I love you!! ♥

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