PPO Concert at CCP. ♥

5:10 PM

We were required to watch the PPO(Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra) concert for our music class last week at the CCP(Cultural Center of the Philippines). It was my first time to go inside the CCP. It's so bongga pala.. I don't normally go to that side of Manila since it's too far and it can't be MRTed(HAHA) and whenever I do get to go there, the CCP is always so dark. I never imagined it to be so nice! I'd love to share photos of the CCP, unfortunately, Cameras aren't allowed inside. :( I even had to leave Poly at the baggage counter. Oh well, papel! I'll be sharing photos of our outfits instead! :)

I went with my awesome Sissy/Roomie--MaiMai to the CCP! Thank goodness she took music this sem too! I would've gone to the concert alone if she didn't :( /LONER FOREVER *cries* hahaha, Anyway, we were required to wear something more decent than our usual school clothes. Here's what Mai && I wore:

Mai's top matched with the wallpaper in the comfort room! I just had to take photos!! HAHAHA :))))

IT people!! :p My ate && kuya, Sanjay && Inah! :)

Meet ate Inah ♥ When I was still taking up IT, we were inseparable! :)) Now that I'm CAS already, we don't see each other that much anymore :(

You all know this pretty lady! :) Hi bebe ♥ WHY U SO PRETTY && SEXY? //maalan man sad tag alalay ani oy.. hahaha

Thanks to Mai for my outfit shots! ♥

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  1. ask lang. what do you use sa pag combine sa mga pics, like collage or something? thanks!