Here's to new friends, new experiences, && my new domain! ♥

4:26 PM

I'm back! ♥

I love the bug out effect on photo booth! It allows me to tell myself I have a thin face + really big and pretty eyes!! ♥

Wow. I never thought I could abandon my blog that long! It sure was a crazy semester though. Home works, exams, projects, rehearsals, concert, and papers everywhere. Thank goodness I have awesome bisalog (bisaya + tagalog) friends in Manila who helped me stay sane during that stressful last month of school. I'm just glad the stress is finally over and I can finally cope with blogging and of course, LIFE, now. I have tons of photos I want to post! Hmmmmmmm........I guess I better get started!


Meet the bisalogs--Mikki, Faye, Clar, Armin, Julls && Matt:

Spent the last three weeks of school with these awesome people! So... expect to see more of them in the upcoming posts! :p

Hi Armin!! Naog na diri sa siyudad oy! Dal-i dayon ko ug pinya! :p

This is what you call a NipSlip! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hi AtiiiiiiLovesssss!

Oh, before I forget...

I wasn't exaggerating when I said it was one heck of a stressful finals month. I blacked-out and was rushed to the hospital by my two awesome angels, Mai && Keifer! I really don't know what I'll ever do without these two! It was a traumatic experience, but I'm fine now! Thank God && Thank you Ate Mai & Kuya Keif && Oh.. Kuya Third, also!


Ticked one wish off my 18-wishes-for-my-18th-birthday list today! I've always wanted to have my own domain.. I still can't believe I finally have one:! Thanks mom for making one of my wishes come true three months early! 16 more to go! :p

More posts coming right up!! :) Gaaaaah. I missed this! :')

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