I've walked the streets of Montecito ♥

10:58 PM

Finally found time to fix my blog! I'm still not done yet, but I just can't wait any longer to post this! So, here you go! :)

The Bisalogs secret hideout: Atiii Clar's place for late nights && chill afternoons! ♥

It was really hard for me to choose photos to post since we have A LOT! :)) I'll just post the others next time but for now, I think these photos will do! ♥

Sabog faces!

Atiiiiiii ♥

Hahahahaha! LOL Armin!

Adik sa sunglasses!

bum mornings at Atii's place :)

Our early taste of summer! :)) SWIMMING!! ♥

Pretty Atiiiiiii ♥

I miss you Atiis & Koyaaas! ♥ See you soon!

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