A Week in Manila ♥

5:28 PM

Manila photo bomb ♥
April 12-18, 2012

Went to Manila last last month to meet with Clar for our Enderun adventure! :)) I was supposed to stay in Manila for only three days but when we went to Enderun to inquire and all, we were scheduled for an interview and an exam on the day I was supposed to go home, so I had to ditch my flight and stay for a few more days!

Third-wheeling... AS ALWAYS! with Clar+Rocky=ClaCky. HAHAHA. Cute! :))))

Me and my weirdness at High Street. :))

Clar & I ♥

Hi Atiiii :)

Happy ClaCky!! ♥

We also went to Bulacan to visit the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy during the feast day. Coincidentally, both our moms are devotees of the Divine Mercy! We think they've even met already! Small world really is small. :))))

meet my sisters from another mother and father! :))

left: Divine Mercy Shrine, Bulacan; right: my "oh-please" look. hahaha!

I love that there's this awesome light just right above me. :)) It's also in the other photos :))

Thank you, Atiii Clar && Atiii Prach for adopting me for a week!! :) Sa uulitin! See you both soon! ♥

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