Wisdom + Frank PRENUP

5:42 PM

To be honest, the reason why I only posted this set now is because I wasn't feeling confident these past few months to post these photos. I tried to blog about this every single day since the shoot but I just really couldn't because I always thought these weren't good enough.. Fortunately today, I had the luxury of time to think about things and managed to convince myself that whatever people will think of this set--whether it be good or not--I won't let it affect my dreams of being a professional photographer because this is my first try and also because I absolutely had a lot of fun while doing this shoot. It's all that matters, right? I was happy when I did this and I'm happy with the outcome. :) The only thing I'm wishing for right now is that Ate Choule and Kuya Frank will love these photos as much as I do! :)

Meet Ate Choule:
the candid-est person you'll ever meet :)

I will never forget that it was during this shoot that I got to see the prettiest sunset I've ever seen...yet. :)

By the way, they got married already last June 30 and this was shot last April something. See how late this post is? :)

Anyway, I had so much fun shooting these two!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take your prenup shots, ate Choule && kuya Frank! ♥ I hope you liked the photos! :)

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