Go with the flow!

9:53 AM

Hi y'all! I'm currently in Bangkok right now with my mom and dad as their caregiver, assistant, chaperon, and everything else. :) But whatevs! I love and I live to travel and explore, so why the hell would I say no to being my mom and dad's chaperon if I get to do my most favorite thing to do on earth in return? Can't wait to blog about this! :) anyway, before I left for Bangkok, my beautiful best friend and I celebrated our last day of class by dressing up and having a quick and fun shoot. :) This was such an epic day! Glad to have spent it with my atii. ♥
(Top: H&M; Skirt: Divisoria)
(Watch: Tag Heuer; Bracelets: From a bazaar)
(Shoes: Zara)
Expectations lead to frustrations. That's why I prefer to just go with the flow. and guess what, it has made me happier than ever. :) photographs by: CMG

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