Happy 12.12.12! ♥

3:12 PM

I went to BGC last Sunday to accompany the best friend to go Christmas shopping. Clar and I were feeling really happy that day, which I guess is why it reflected on our choice of colors for our outfit!! Wait 'til you see her photos! I really love everything! I'm gonna post those photos here once I finish editing them. :) 

Anywayyyyyyyy, I love my new glasses so much! Faye and Clar got it for me as their Christmas gift. :") Thank you, atiiis!

(Glasses: Yhansy)

I just love how happy colors can brighten up one's mood in an instant!! :)
To think I was already happy before going out, but my outfit made me even happier! Awesome awesome awesome day from start to end which I got to spend with the people I love. :) 

(Top, shorts, bag, belt & necklace: from Thailand)

(Shoes: Zara)

LOL at the jump shot! Clar sure knows how to take candid shots! :))

Little did I know I was going to receive my Christmas gift/treat that night as well! :) We went to Dashing Diva to get our nails done. :) Thank you, ats! :* Gaaaah, the problem now is what to get you for Christmas!!! :| Spell PRESSURE. :| 
Thank you to the ate who took this photo! :)


Photos by: CMG ♥

P.S. MAHAY PALIHUG BEH. Hahahaha :))

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