Jatico Adventures

9:00 AM

Went on an adventure with the fambam at Jatico Adventures last Christmas break. Jatico Adventures is located at Bayanga, Cagayan de Oro City. They also have ziplines but we didn't try it because we didn't have enough time and we were there for.... airsoft! but....do know that this place ain't a walk in the park/mall, or so we've been told. :p We had to sweat so much, go uphill & downhill, but then again we were there for an adventure, so..... :)

If only you guys know what we had to go through just to arrive at the battlefield. Even the kids had a hard time! :))

Spotted a couple posing... Engagement shoot, perhaps?

With the girls, Chai, Mamar, Yayang && Gyra. :)

Miguel & Kuya Dingle.

Gears for the game.

And we're ready!! Photo-op first, of course!! :)

Oh and the winner is the black team! Wooooohooooo :) Way to go team!

Had so much fun even though it was so tiring and painful.. There's really nothing like family adventures. :)

visit Jatico Adventures' website at http://www.jaticoadventures.com

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