Safari World, Bangkok

9:00 AM

If there's one thing I really love taking photographs of, aside from people of course, are birds. I just really love their colors, the way they move, the way the just hang around on branches. Or maybe I'm just really jealous because they're so pretty and they can fly.

I wanted to make a separate post for these photos just because I had so much fun taking photos of the animals and playing with the pretty birds at Safari World in Thailand. :)

There they are.. just hanging around, being all so effortlessly beautiful and just waiting for another person with a camera to take photographs of them. Oh the life.

These were taken in an open park where cars can go inside so one doesn't have to walk. Yey for the aircon in the bus!!!!!! :)

A sleepy (or sad?) tiger....

....and a fierce one. :))

Pretty birds and bokehs. :3

Okay here's the part where I started giggling because the birds made me their new hangout place. :) Naaah. I was holding a banana and pieces of corn that's why they attacked me. hahaha Nonetheless, I had so much fun. I even had to give the banana to the kids who were there coz the birds wouldn't leave my side. Awww :"> sweet little birds.

The best headdress ever. :3 this cutie wanted to stay on my head. :))

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