Thailand 2012

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After two long and stressful months, I finally found some time to sort and edit the photos from my Thailand trip last October. I stayed in Bangkok for 5 days doing lots of touristy stuff and of course----shopping!! ;)

......So here goes my Thailand photo diary. ♥ Enjoy!

Day 1.

Straight from the airport, we were brought by our tour guide to the Erawan Museum for our first sightseeing stop. It's where the three-headed Elephant statue is located.

One thing I really observed while I was visiting temples and museums there is how they pay attention to every single detail. I swear everything is just so intricate.

These two had the most photos this trip! It's so unfair because they don't know how to use my camera to take photos of me!! My iPhone's front cam was my best friend the entire trip. :( Ohhhhhwellllll.

After the Erawan Museum, We then were brought to see the world class Siam Niramit show. It's my second time to see the show but I've got to say, it still amazes me. It definitely is a must to watch the show when in Thailand!

Oh and I finally got to ride an elephant!! Weeeeee ;) ♥ (Instagram photo) :)

Day 2.
Itinerary: Wat Phra Kaew or The Temple of The Emerald Buddha, The Grand Palace, The Reclining Buddha && Dinner at the Baiyoke Sky Tower.

Tuktuks!! :)

With daddy ♥

Seeee? Just look at those details!! :O

(Instagram photo)

To those who plan to go to Thailand: When visiting the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, remember to wear clothes which covers your legs and arms. There's a really strict dress code in order to go inside the temple. :)

Left photo: Scary giant statue guarding the Buddha. Photo on the right is the huge reclining Buddha!! :O

Bangkok Skyline taken at the Baiyoke Sky Tower (The tallest building in Thailand)

Because it was so hot in Thailand when we went there, I basically lived in shorts and sleeveless tops the whole trip!

Day 4.
Itinerary: Nong Nooch Village, Elephant ride && Crocodile feeding. :)

A realllllly pretty view. :O I wish it didn't rain and i wish we weren't in a hurry when we went there. I really wanted to go around the garden! Most of the photos I took were taken when I was on a moving tram :(

At the Pattaya floating market with the new glasses I bought there. :)

Had fun feeding/teasing crocodiles. :) See how burnt I am? It's really really hot in Thailand when I went there. :O Our tour guide said it was their winter season. Go figure!!

Despite the intense heat, I really had so much fun in Thailand. I hope I get to go back soon. I really really want to shop some more and go to the other cities like Phuket!!! :)

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