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3:32 PM

Yet another overdue post. Hmmm, better late than never?
(Again, Sorry for the late post, ring! )

Benjie Manuel Fashion Show
Limketkai Center, CDO
May 26, 2013

Meet my niece's cousin, Ringring. Isn't she so gorgeous? ♥
I was her official photographer (yehesssss) last summer for the Benjie Manuel Fashion Show held in Limketkai Mall, CDO.

Most of you probably already know that I love taking photographs. But did you know that I wanted to be a (runway/commercial) model, too? Yes, you could say I wanted to be so many things. haha I've realized though that I couldn't be one. (Unless I diet or take clean-eating seriously, which I'm obviously not doing hahaha) But it's all good though, I have this blog where I shamelessly post photos of myself (trying so hard to pose like a model lol) and seeing my nieces on the runway and taking their photographs is already enough for me. :) Who knows? maybe one day, the tables will turn and my nieces will be the ones cheering for me and taking photos of me on the runway. (in my dreams) 

Okay, moving onnnnnnn.........

Here's her trendy attire. :)

She also walked for two designers. (I forgot their names though, oops!)

I wish you could see her runway walk! I'm pretty sure you would've loved it too. ♥

I'm super proud of you, Ring. I know how much you love doing this. Know that I will support you all the way! If you need a photographer or a cheerleader, you know Ate Mimic is always here, right? Love you and see you soon! :)

Alright, my break (and modelling frustration) is over, back to doing homeworks and and other school works! #goodstudent 

Neri ♥

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