Guessing Game

8:12 PM

I finally got to do an outfit shoot thanks to my awesome friends who helped me with this set and for allowing me to squeeze this in during our meeting/brainstorming for our group project. (para-paraan lang. Hahaha) Anyway, I've been wanting to blog about this really pretty dress ever since I got it in CdO last summer, but then I wasn't able to since my time at home was limited (Excuses! haha). Well, at least I finally got to blog about it now!

Can you guess how much I got this dress for? :) 

(Bag & Belt: from Thailand)

(Watch: Tag Heuer)

So, you're wondering how much I got this dress for? 
P65 (Sixty-five pesos) :) Don't you just love treasures? I know I do!!! :>

(Shoes: Zara)
When I saw this pair was my size and on sale, I didn't bother to think twice!!!! It was love at first sight! ♥ 

(Owl Ring: DV ♥ ; Pearl Bracelets: Mom's Hand-me-downs)

Photos by: Jameson :>

Hype this look on! :)

Well, that's it for my quick post! Time to study for my midterm exams. Wish me luck!!!!

XX ♥ Mikki

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