Candy-colored Sembreak ♥

4:18 PM

It's already sembreak which means I can finally blog again! I missed this so much. :') That last semester was just so hectic; I had my first major subject (which I aced, Boooyaaaah!), and since I wanted to maintain good grades as I am very very (emphasis on the VERY) pressured by my parents, I really had to focus on my studies, hence the three months or so hiatus. I must say though, knowing that I did my best in all of my classes this semester, makes me feel so good this break which is why I'm wearing happy candy colors in this post to attract good vibes (and good grades!). 

(Pink top: Forever 21 ; Scalloped Skirt: From Thailand)

(Necklace: from Thailand ; Belt & Bracelet: Divisoria)

(Gray pumps: Zara)

Five final grades are already out, so far so good. Hopefully when all grades are out, I'd still be this happy. :) Wish me luck!!

Thanks to my best friend for helping me out with these photos! ♥

What do you think about this look?

Have a great semestral break, loves! 

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