Project Sexy

12:31 AM

Forgive me for posting this, I'm just really proud of my little but somehow noticeable progress! :) 
I was struggling with my weight for so many years now. One month I'd workout, the next I'd go binge eating again, then the next I workout, and it goes on and on. At first, I'll say this is it, I'm now committing to working out regularly, but then I end up surrendering to temptations (why does unhealthy food have to be so good!!!). Which is why I decided to post this little progress photo of mine, to remind me of what I've been wanting for a long long time. I want to be fit, and in order for me to reach that goal, I have to commit to it. No more turning back. Hopefully whenever I see this photo, I'd realize that my dreams/goals are within my reach, but that's if I work hard to get it. 

SW: 120+ lbs
CW: 113 lbs

Food Intake (1200 calories/day):
Breakfast: Fruits & coffee
Lunch/Dinner: Veggies (Broccoli/Cauliflower/Green Beans/Sweet Potato) with Chicken and/or Salmon, or tuna
Snacks: Singkamas (my fave!)

T25 - 5x a week

I know I still have a looooong way to go, but seeing results, no matter how little, inspire me to work harder, I hope in some way I inspire you too.

Exercise + Clean eating always do the trick!
-Neri ♥

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