Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna

1:47 PM

So last Saturday when there was a typhoon in Luzon, we decided to go on an adventure. lol actually when I woke up at 4am that morning, I was toooooooo lazy to get out of bed because it was raining and the weather was just perfect FOR SLEEP. It sure was tempting to go back to sleep, but thankfully I didn't, because Pagsanjan falls is amazing. It doesn't look much in the photos as it doesn't have clear blue waters or rainbows or what, but seriously, when you're there you couldn't help but be in awe of it.
Naks naman, Nisassssss :p

It took us about two hours (I'm not sure because I fell asleep halfway lol) to get to Pagsanjan, and another thirty minutes to reach Cavinti, where the start of the trek to the falls is. There are two ways to go to the falls, by a canoe or trekking. We chose the latter because the canoe ride's kind of pricey at P1,250 per person, although you get to see more waterfalls (well, smaller ones) along the way, compared to the P270 per person for the trek.

There were two of these steel ladders (40ft & 30ft) where we had to rappel down (and climbed it when we were going back up!!)
This part of the trek had 589 steps which was crazy. It was so steep, we had to go down sideways!! 
Good thing no one in our group fell because that would've been crayyyyyyzyyyyyy. 
Once you survived the 589 steps though, you'll be greeted by the relaxing sound of the river. (Plus a really good spot for photos!! :p) 
Then you'll see the real thing after a few more steps! Tadaaaaa

The P270 we paid included a raft ride going to the cave behind the falls. Since the current was so strong because of the typhoon, the falls created waves (I felt like I was riding a bangka in the ocean I swear haha), which made the raft ride even more exciting! It's just a short ride but the thrill when you feel the water splashing in your face when you're near it is just (ahhh i don't want to say amazing again) breathtaking! We stayed in the cave for about thirty minutes and swam there since it isn't deep. I wish we had a GoPro though :( It was a bummer not being able to bring my dSLR in the cave with the fear that it gets wet or die or what. Oh well. Next target is definitely a GoPro.

We didn't really stay long because we were hungry and parched! So we went back up after about one and a half hours.
This was after the 589 steps. You could say it was really really tiring. My calves are sore until now. Seriously. This had to be my craziest leg day, yet. Am I willing to do it again? Hmmmm, I might just pay for the pricey canoe next time. :))

If you decide to go, I suggest you only bring with you your camera, when you go to the falls via trekking. Leave your change of clothes in the car and all other unnecessary things because you're going to need both hands for the way back. Just trust me on this one... ;)

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