Karogo Falls, Rizal

10:48 PM

We didn't plan to go to this waterfall, hence our inappropriate clothes. Our agenda for the day was solely Wawa Dam, but because the universe was on our side, we were told by the locals that Karogo falls was nearby. Had I known, I would've brought extra clothes and jumped the moment I got there. It was gorgeous, especially the turquoise water basin that greeted Kaye and I when we hiked to the top. It was a simple waterfall really, but the simplicity of it made it all the more beautiful. 

The hike to the falls didn't take too long; probably around twenty to thirty minutes. There are no stores around so bringing food and drinks would be a good idea. It only takes a five-peso bangka (small boat) ride from Wawa Dam to get to the side where the falls is. Thanks to our guide Kuya Onie who was so patient with Ishaq's city boy problems, our countless stops for photoops, and for bringing us there safely. He doesn't ask for a specific amount for guiding tourists, you give however much you want. When we gave him our tip, I heard the wife saying "may pang-ulam na kami." Kuya Onie does not only guide tourists to Karogo falls, he also does rock climbing guides (with or without ropes), trekking, hiking, etc. Give him a call if need a guide to Karogo falls: 0946-446-4078 Onie Ferrer

Photos by Michelle Neri, Kaye Nesas, and Ishaq Estero

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