Cebu Adventures: Badian

4:29 PM

This was mostly how my weekends looked like when I had my internship in Cebu for the last three months. My niece Anastasia and I were lucky enough that my cousins were there too, as they also love going on road trips, beach trips, food trips, and all other trips. They were kind enough to invite us to their weekend getaways (okay, we may have forced them a bit ;) in Cebu. Honestly, I don't think I would have gotten to explore Cebu if it wasn't because of them. So thank you, Kuya Pao & Tita Pau! You both are the reason why I was able to witness Cebu's hidden gems. *Huuuuugs*

First on our list: Badian for its secluded white sand beach. This place is so peaceful and laid-back; exactly what I needed to de-stress and relax after a loooooong week's work.

Tita Pauline ♥
Dress from Forever 21

This is what I'll miss the most in Cebu; white sand beaches that are just a car-ride away. Hopefully I get to go back to Badian soon with the BFF. Now we just need to find a car to get there. :|

P.S. The resurrection of my blog begins with backlogs. Please bear with me. :)
♥ Mikki 

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