MNL Adventures: Enchanted Kingdom

12:10 AM

First up on my attempt to post all my backlogs is when my friends and I went to Enchanted Kingdom. We have been planning to go since last year but because we're the type to plan a lot of trips at once, we never really get to go to any one of them. However, when we don't plan ahead, it pushes through like this trip. Our theme was chill-wear, hence the shorts, shirt, and slippers combo. We usually dress up for outings for the photos but this was an exception 'cause it was so hot and we wanted to feel carefree while we're there. The photos ended up alright sans the fashiownnn we always sport when go out (Actually, si Ishaq lang talaga fumafashiown. lol). 

I'm posting this first as I'm missing these weirdos so much right now. If my plans push through, we just might reunite next month. I can't wait! 

Super impressed with the quality of the photographs, considering I was only using my iPhone 6 Plus! Definitely a great buy. DOUBLE THUMBS UPPPPPP!


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