Fresh Air

10:18 PM

"...and now I am beginning, to see and to believe, in who I am becoming - and all I've yet to be."

Only three months into Accountancy and I am already gasping for air (I can already imagine how haggard I will look over the next few months). So last week after midterms, I got to take a quick break from studying and was able to visit Bukidnon for half a day. We went to Kampo Juan and lazed on their comfy rattan hammocks, had lunch at Binalot and grubbed on their hands-down-bomb-diggity-delicious Cinnamon Rolls, and stopped by the pineapple plantation to watch the sunset. Since my best friend, Jethro, came to the boondocks with me, I maximized my free day to take photos for the blog. I've wanted to resurrect my blog for the longest time, thankfully the ever supportive best friend was in on it and promised he would take my photos. I'm pretty excited to see how long I can keep up with this or if I could keep up at all, considering I'm a student again, but we'll see. This might just be what I need to de-stress. 

Floral dress - Forever 21 || Photographs - Jethro Javier

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