Beautiful Bohol

1:52 AM

The first of my backlogs is beautiful Bohol.
My niece and I got to third wheel with my cousin and her then-preggy wife on their trip to Panglao last October. While the preggobear enjoyed her slumber in the hotel room, I reveled in the warmth of the sun and took my time lazing by the pool and the beach every chance I got. I clearly remember making a mental note to come back and now that I'm going through these photos again, I am reminded why. It was such an unexpected trip; the original plan was to stay with my niece in Cebu, but as they say, spontaneous trips turn out to be the most memorable ones and this destination was an effortless addition to my list. I got to try organic Malunggay ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm and I was able to experience getting a massage by the beach with the waves as the background music--JUST. THE. BEST. Here's to hoping I'll be able to experience all of that again. 
Thank you, Tito Pao & Tita Pau! Willing to third wheel for you anytime. :)

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