Into the Woods with my Giant

6:46 PM

Last week, my boyfriend (WIW BOYFRIEND!!!!!—it still feels weird to call him that) and I spent the weekend at Dahilayan. I’ve been there a couple of times before, but I guess it’s true when they say that the beauty of a place depends on the person you’re seeing it with. Okay, I made that up. But really though, the place looked and felt different that weekend—the grass was greener, the view more pristine, pine trees were more pine-y and photogenic—perhaps my glasses were the cleanest they’ve ever been? or maybe that’s just what love does, and I’m not sorry for feeling it, not even the slightest bit. Before we left for Dahilayan, I got a little bit worried after seeing the forecast for the weekend which composed mostly of cloudy skies and rain, but when we got there, we were graced by the presence of Mr. Sun amidst a clear blue sky. It was perfect. Right there and then, I knew for a fact that our little trip was blessed, that we have the approval from the big guy above. Thanks for the thumbs up and the beautiful weather, G! Too much cheese, I know, but it’s true, the weather cooperated, the view was superb, I had fun, Poy had fun, we got to try the 120ft free fall drop, we ate lots of good food, and most of all, I won twice in Billiards. Ha! What a loser, Erram, but thank you. Thank you for letting me win, I knew I sucked at billiards but you still gave me some sort of chance. Thank you for walking around with me even when your knee isn’t fully well and you’d have to spend twenty minutes on the floor to cover it with ice after. Thank you for making the effort to learn how to use my camera and patiently taking my photos even when you had to sit on the ground and ended up with mud on your shorts. Rest assured, your effort was much appreciated and now I am suffering the consequences of teaching you because now I’m having the hardest time choosing photos. Thank you for carrying the heavy stuff; I’m never gonna get over how great it felt to have someone who was more than willing to carry a backpack the whole day just so all of our gadgets and essentials are in one place and so that I wouldn’t have to carry anything. You really are something else. For someone so huge, it still amazes me how sweet you are. It doesn’t add up sometimes because of how manly you look from the outside, but I am beyond grateful to have such a sweetheart inside that 6’7 goodness. I can't thank you enough, G! 

It isn’t easy being in a long distance relationship, but I’m glad we’re both getting through it just fine. It’s going to be long until we won’t have to wait any more, but if this is how our weekends are like before we finally decide to close the gap, I doubt I’ll be complaining. This has been one of my best weekends, yet. I can not wait for more. 

I hope you enjoyed the weekend I planned, Avatar. You’re up next. I’m so excited to see what you'll come up with. See you on March, my love.


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